Going to a friend or spending weekend at grandmothers’ and want to take the Wii with you? Of course, but you’ll need a carrying bag or a backpack to put the console and games in. It’s not safe to carry the Wii in any regular bag because you risk damaging the DVD disc reading mechanism / laser lens in the console. What you need is a proper travelling bag with a lot of padding.

Laptop cases are too big for Wii as they are designed for thinner computers. Other padded sport bags will not protect the case from side impact. Unlike others the Wii travel bags have it all – the right size, ergonomics of design, comfortable pockets, great functionality and perfect padding on all sides to ensure safe transportation of your console. It even looks cool.

The travelling bags are manufactured from a high quality nylon material that is similar to one used in backpacks – you can also choose the right style and color.  These travel bags have several pockets to carry games, remotes and other related Wii accessories safely and conveniently. These bags are very useful if you are traveling a lot and need to transport your console and other Wii items.  Just pack it all up in the specialised bag and take it with you wherever you go.

Please remember to take out the disc when transporting the console because it will reduce impact in case of accident. When at home – do just the opposite – keep the disc in the console even when you are not playing as it will protect the console mechanism from dust.

Buy the new multifunctional travelling bags at low discount prices today or wait for a sale. These carrying bags will also be a perfect gift for someone who owns a Wii.

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