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Premium Travel Carrying Bag

Premium Travel Carrying Bag sidePremium Travel Carrying Bag frontPremium Travel Carrying Bag with shoulder strap

From an external view, this bag just looks like any other shoulder bag available in the market. The bag is made up of a premium quality soft-rugged & high class material with nylon finish which makes it hard to guess that it’s a carrying case for Wii. Velcro strips are provided to attach the flip with base of the case.  Below the flip, there is a zippered pocket which is meant to hold Wii accessories. A large zipper pocket which extends most of the case with plenty of space and padding is for the Wii console. It also has its own mini pouch to hold four controllers, Wiimotes and nunchucks. Under the controller holding pouch, there is a spot which is used to store all the cables. Velcro strips are provided on all the pouches to hold items in place.